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Providing support for those suffering with PTSD

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In 2018 RCHC was established with a mission to build a Healing Centre for  Rwandan-Canadians and other members of the Black Canadian society, to provide mental health services, resources and other support for people affected by PTSD, trauma and other mental health-related effects.
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Our Vision is to serve as a Multidimensional PTSD Research Centre for Education and Advocacy.
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We believe society won't move forward cohesively without mending past Traumas on a social level. Thus, our purpose is to share Stories to help move towards healing individual and community Trauma.


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Participants will learn and understand their Identity, the challenges they face, and the paths they must walk. More importantly, members will learn to apply learned lessons on the individual as well as community levels.

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Through RCHC’s Healing programs, members will learn to connect and bridge through story sharing, exchange of ideas and values, as well as working to solve current and future trauma-based challenges through research and innovation.

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To reach the goal of building a Healing Centre, RCHC will continue to encourage Civic engagement by collaborating with leading Canadian organisations to help build capacity and resources, as well as achieve a more cohesive Canadian Society.

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The Rwandan Canadian Healing Centre’s Vision is to serve as a Multidimensional PTSD Research Centre for the purposes of healing, education, research, and social advocacy.