Acceleration Program

RCHC's acceleration program helps youths turn their visions into action through initiatives, projects, or entities such as businesses, foundations, leadership campaigns, and non-profit or social enterprises.


Working Spaces

The number one challenge for African Canadian organisations – especially community-based organisations, is the lack of operating spaces across the country.

In addition to encouraging organisations to operate in accessible and equipped working spaces, our acceleration program, through AfriCanadian Resource Centre ,will advocate for and raise funds and other resources to help secure operation spaces for all members of our network.

Firms & Hubs

In addition to advocating for working space and resources, our program will also;

  • Advocate for a Funding House for African Canadian organisations.
  • Raise awareness of the need for competitive firms and hubs to support African Canadian works.
  • Showcase the work of African Canadian organisations to the greater Canadian audience.

Many ideas within our community die on the (dream) tables because of a lack of capacity – we hope to help change this narrative.  

Centres & Institutions

RCHC’s mission is to build a Healing Centre for all who struggle with Post-Traumatic Syndrome Disorder (PTSD) and other trauma-related effects.

We believe that to achieve this goal of creating environments for Learning, Healing, and Rebuilding, we must also advocate for the establishment of centres and Institutions of African Canadian diverse perspectives and resources to jointly solve issues and achieve shared goals.


AfriCanadian Resource Centre

Through RCHC's Inaugural -AlkebuLan Project, participants will form AfriCanadian Networks intended to create a Resource Centre. The platform shall offer further training and support, access to national and international resources for solid governance, group collaboration, and initiative accelerations.