RCHC advocates for youth involvement in local community services and projects to facilitate the acquisition of community-building skills through volunteering and engaging in long-term initiatives designed to build good leadership and capacity for African Canadian organisations.

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RCHC will continue to develop platforms to engage continental African Canadian youth in local and national leadership activities, allowing them to participate in organised leadership training and champion community issues through advocacy and the implementation of community programs.

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RCHC will host ongoing events across the country to identify local issues, recruit aspiring leaders and advance its advocacy to help influence public policy. Our events will precede a travel education program to expose members to other cultures and opportunities.

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By cultivating collaboration and teamwork, RCHC's leadership training programs will establish a long-term strategy for the development of continental African Canadian Capacity, community service, and extracurricular activities. Highlighting community works that bring about social change and raising awareness of issues while providing understanding and civic responsibilities.