Project Overview

In July 2021, the Canadian Heritage awarded the RCHC a grant to carry out its activities, under the Multiculturalism Program.

The “African Canadian Leadership Development and Capacity Building Project” was funded for the 2022-2023 government fiscal year, allowing RCHC to offer Capacity & Leadership training to its Board of Directors

The Rwandan Canadian Healing Centre (RCHC) will apply lessons learned from a previous iteration of its African Canadian Leadership Training project. The project will focus on governance, leadership development programming, community organizing, and training of its organization’s board members, staff, and volunteers.

This training will include such topics as good governance, capacity building, community organizing, diversity and inclusion, as well as goal setting and purpose identification training. Participants will be empowered with new skills in governance, community organizing and fundraising, and vision mapping. The project will take place from April 1, 2022, until March 31, 2023, and will involve up to 1,000 participants.

Project Activities

Training organization staff, board members, volunteers and other individuals identifying as African Leaders with leadership roles and/or aspirations;

Work closely with other African Canadian serving organizations to recruit up to 1,000 trainees and deliver the program 


Utilizing the Program-supported platform developed under phase one of the program, create and deliver training and resources to on various topics related to capacity development

Address systemic barriers for African Canadian individuals and organizations in accessing resources through key topics with 8 training sessions each.

Project Goals

Trainees will be better equipped to address systemic barriers to access by building capacity, growing their organizations, and confronting racism and discrimination.
RCHC plans to continue-on from the first “African Canadian Leadership Training and e-Capacity
Support Project”, by offering Leadership Development Programs to African Canadian Individual leaders, organizations as well as communities’ leaders/aspiring leaders; in areas of Good Governance and Capacity Building, Community Organizing, Diversity and Inclusiveness, as well as Goal and Purpose training.