‚ÄčAfriCanadian Resource Center Studio Space Upgrade Project




This project is focused on upgrading the African Canadian Resource Centre - Space/Studio. It will build on RCHC’s previous work to upgrade its operating space, equipment and tools, thus giving RCHC’s outreach and communication team the ability to operate in full capacity and facilitate access to available resources to solve AfriCanadian issues.

This upgrade will allow RCHC’s African Canadian Resource Centre operation (first based online, with our team operating out of Toronto Canada), to reach more people, bring Continental African Canadian community leaders and stakeholders together for National dialogue on Continental African Canadian Issues, and create solutions for the long-term recovery and rebuilding.

  • Purchase & install work computers, sound systems & software; to facilitate working virtually, equip canadian community members ability to receive daily news on current issues and proposed solutions.
  • Purchase telecommunicatios equipment to give our team the ability to host live TV/Podcast shows with call-in segments to increase our outreach Capacity.


  • Purchase work desks and essential furniture for office/ studio) to boost capacity to tape/record live production of daily content, including videos and podcasts.
  • Purchase Smart Boards; Interactive Touch Monitor/Smart Board for designing artwork to be used in daily content, (especially articles and comic series), streaming and publication.
  • Purchase Kitchen Appliances; to cater for (in-studio/office) guests being hosted daily.
  • Design studio and boardroom, to enhance space functionality for live shows ad other broadcasting activities.

project consultants

CASA Design Consult,

GFP Entertainment Inc.,

GP carpentry Inc.,

Best Buy Geek Squad,




Give RCHC, along with all other Continental African Canadian (organizations, individual leaders and communities) capacity communicate on daily basis, thus maintain close relationship through encouraged partnership and ongoing activities, peer-to-peer networking; such as the Continental African Canadian Young Leaders Network (which RCHC launched this year as a part of it’s four year leadership development curriculum) - designed to strengthen Capacity and increase Resources for its members.


Equip our organization with the ability to fine tune the Awareness Programs which help RCHC recruit participants and provide knowledge and skills development training, as well as establish long-term partnership and alliances within the Continental African Canadian community.

Online Presence

Strengthen RCHC’s online and/or social media presence, thus allowing for more diverse and inclusive contents for all Canadians; contents which will aim to connect members of the African Canadian community to the broader Canadian community.

Broadcast Capacity

Enable RCHC to broadcast local and online LIVE events on various forms of media (AfriCanadian Resource Centre, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), in collaboration with other Continental African Canadian organizations, individuals, and community leaders/members.


Strengthen cross-sector collaboration, capacity building, and the promotion of Diversity through encouragement of collaboration of different community backgrounds, so members can share and build together;



  • Increase the flow of information, knowledge and access to skilled leaders, allies; thus, provide a network of support (mentorship & consulting) in the community.

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PROjected 5-year IMPAcT


Community Members Engaged


Volunteers mobilized


Community Leaders Interviewed