The Rwandan Canadian Healing Centre (RCHC) completed a project to increase it's capacity by providing leadership training programs to its board members, staff and volunteers.

The team was trained by experts and consultants in areas of Good Governance and Capacity building through ongoing workshops, townhalls and meetings. These trainings have helped our team better understand issues within the community that RCHC intends to solve & create networking and cross-sector cooperation opportunities for our leadership team members.

The project was managed by our Execitive Director and an assistant coordinator, who helped us steward the direction of our mission and coordinate the project activities.

Target Areas


Create sustainable values in leadership and staff and achieve organizational mission.

Organizational Governance:
Leadership & stewardship training

Strengthen organizational governance through board, staff, and volunteer training.

Training Retreat


Effective Leadership

  • Organizational development and vision training
  • Capacity building training

Governance training

  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Boost coordination and administrative capacity
  • Increase efficiency across all sectors to achieve organizational mission

Team bonding

  • Build deeper connections between board members
  • Connect with community leaders, staff and volunteers

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