Shaping Our Future

One of our main objectives is to help rebuild individuals and communities by providing opportunities for youth to volunteer, engage in different activities and create platforms where young Canadians can explore national and global issues.

RCHC's Network Component will expose participants to different experiences, giving them opportunities to learn and exchange cultural lessons and ideologies.


Group Retreats

RCHC will host yearly group retreats across Canada for participants to connect and network with peers to achieve shared goals.

Retreats will provide opportunities for AfriCanadan youth to launch Initiatives and showcase their works in a ceremony, where leaders, mentors, and experts in related fields will be present.

Travel Education

The travel education program will kick off in 2020, intended to provide an intercultural experience by exposing participants to different cultures and exploring Canada through learnings that youth, especially those in cities, are usually not exposed to.

We will also be launching an International Travel Education program in 2021. 


By partnering with leading Canadian organisations, RCHC intends to work with AfriCanadian Networks members and other organisations to create Scholarships and Student Exchange programs that will help bridge knowledge and work between African youths in Canada and those on the continent.


Shaping Our Future

RCHC’s African Canadian Leadership Training provides stimulating programming and activities that build bridges to promote intercultural understanding, equal opportunity for individuals of all origins, citizenship, civic engagement, and a healthy democracy.

The 13-week Leadership Development training will focus on;

  • Individual Goals and Life Purpose Training
  • The Art of Community Organising
  • Good Governance and Capacity Building training
  • Diversity and Inclusion for success.