A digital resource platform for AfriCanadians

Funded by the Canadian Red Cross Organization




The Project purpose is to develop a digital resource platform to facilitate easy access to COVID-19 resources for continental African Canadian communities, beginning with the most affected, left without support during the pandemic. 

The platform highlights and communicates COVID-19 related activities, needs and available resources and provides navigation for COVID-19 recovery across Canada. 

In addition to producing daily updates and contents to highlight issues and solutions during critical periods; the platform hosts ongoing meetings with leaders, experts and volunteers, to educate continental African Canadian



Community awareness, information acquisition, and education related to COVID-19 to mitigate risk and impact, support recovery and resiliency and/or prevention.



Improved capacity of the organization to deliver social risk information and community engagement services to the most marginalized and vulnerable groups impacted by COVID-19.



Develop a digital resource platform to facilitate easy access to COVID-19 resources. Broadcast meetings with leaders, experts and volunteers, with the objective of educating about COVID- 19.

Resources for the Community

Having operated during COVID19 period, proving ongoing Leadership Training & e-Capacity Support to African Canadian Leaders, RCHC understands challenges members in the African Canadian community face are due to lack of resources.

Our platform addresses this by developing and delivering tailored community engagement approaches that meet the needs of vulnerable groups or communities, as they often have different barriers to accessing information. It also provides a virtual space for promoting social inclusion and learning.

This project is in support of all Continental African Canadians primarily, and racialized groups, children, youth in general.


Local Languages & Reach

The platform will facilitate communication in local languages, in addition to Canada's official languages.

This will improve access to education and social services for African Canadian community members with language barriers, such as new comers.

The estimated reach is 50,000.

African TV

See footage from our updates, including key interviews from community leaders.