The Healing Centre

The Rwandan-Canadian Healing Centre (RCHC), founded in 2018 by Kizito, is a federally registered nonprofit organisation based in Toronto, Canada. RCHC provides an environment for Rwandan Canadians and other members of Canadian society working to overcome traumatic experiences from genocides, wars, and other catastrophes.  


two hands holding a cartoon heart, outlined image in white    Our Mission

Our mission is to build a Healing Centre for all who struggle with Post-Traumatic Syndrome Disorder (PTSD) and other trauma-related effects. 


cartoon outline image of a house with a heart in the middle     Our Vision

The Rwandan Canadian Healing Centre’s Vision is to serve as a Multidimensional PTSD Research Centre for the purposes of healing, education, research, and social advocacy.


Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of individual philosophy, solution-oriented initiative(s), and the mastery of one’s given challenges in life. Therefore, transferring knowledge from generation to generation, from professionals to students, and from masters to initiates.


Shaping Our Future

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Each of us has lessons given by life challenges. RCHC’s goal is to help youth identify those challenges and learn to marry their lessons to individual gifts, talents, and skills to help create life-changing initiatives for themselves and those who have similar challenges.


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Mentorship is a crucial resource in every society, but today more than ever, youth – especially those from marginalised communities seek mentoring support but lack access to it. RCHC will work to provide platforms for Continental African Canadian youth to access mentors in areas of need.


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Build Capacity

In today’s fast-moving world, passion and great ideas are not enough to succeed – not when red tape still exists for racialized communities. Through its programs, RHCH will aim for cross-sector collaboration to bolster our capacity to build strong support networks. 

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Building a Healing Centre is our goal. However, success for us means linking arms with members of other African Canadian communities and Canadians overall to learn and share our individual experiences and solve challenges through collaboration.




Our Team

Rwandan Canadian Healing Centre is led by a team of dynamic leaders with strong skills and rich backgrounds in their daily and professional lives who have all come together under one common goal of solving community challenges.


Headshot image of RCHC founder Kizito

Kizito's STory


After experiencing the aftermath of the Genocide against the Tutsi, Kizito decided to share his experience to raise awareness of PSTD within the Rwandan Canadian Community in 2016 by walking for 17 days from Toronto to Montreal – in the winter. Together with key members of the Rwandan Canadian community leadership, he established the Rwandan Canadian Healing Centre in 2018.