Continental African Canadian Capacity Building Program

Continental African Canadian Capacity Building Program

By Kizito Musabimana

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Through research and innovation, our Capacity Building program strives to provide time and space Continental Africans to thrive both in Canada and globally. 

With the understanding that our programs will require effort and patience, we provide ongoing Leadership Training, one-on-one support, boot camp experiences, intercultural learning opportunities, scholarships, student exchange programs and much more. These resources are aimed to equip future leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools required to bridge our efforts so we can face challenges together.

We’ve picked this course because traditional paths have proven insufficient or merely maintain the status quo for Continental African Canadian Communities. A  high level of poverty, health challenges, lack of representation and little to no capacity support are a just a few examples of evidence that a new form of leadership is needed. It is necessary to change our approach in order to achieve a different outcome for future generations.

To achieve our goals through African Canadian Leadership Training, we will work with young continental African leaders to organize a Continental African Canadian Network AfriCanadian Network (or ACN) that will work to expand Capacities for young continental Africans in the following areas:

Forming a Continental ACN Resource Centre
Establishing ACN (Firms) Acceleration Program 
Advocating for an ACN Funding House

A Once established, the AfriCanadian Network (ACN), consisting of leaders between the age of 18 and 35, will work to establish the resources needed to help move forward issues and causes for Continental African youths living in Canada – especially those aspiring to bring about change through leadership, social entrepreneurship, nonprofit, foundation and more.

AfriCanadian Resource Centre

Resources and Data focusing on Continental Afro-Canadians is almost nonexistent – especially those dealing with specific areas such as cultural education, media, health and business. It is even more difficult for youth who have untreated mental health challenges or lack knowledge, skills and access to mentors. These individuals are likely to face social and economic discrimination when attempting to engage in solution enterprises. Those who desire to create the required platforms lack the resources and capacity to do so.

The AfriCanadian Resource Centre platform will offer online and local services to support Continental Africans who aspire to lead their communities.  Through this platform, the youth will have access to resources including studies, reports and research to support their AfriCanadian causes. The platform will also have a media component to showcase daily activities, community services, products and stories being created by Continental African Canadians.

The platform will serve as a yellow page for all things Continental African Canadian, providing a rich and easily accessible database to connect all African Canadians to resources, each other, and the communities across the country.  

AfriCanadian Acceleration Program

One of the biggest challenges for Continental African organizations across Canada – especially community-based organizations – is the lack of operating spaces.  As a result, it is difficult for potential clientele or stakeholders to access their services on regular basis. In turn, it is challenging for aspiring leaders to maintain, launch or accelerate their efforts at a maximum or full-time level.

African Canadian Firms and Office Space Initiative will serve to encourage creativity, ownership, and effective community service. It will do so through collaborative advocacy for the funding of local, regional and national programs and resources aimed toward Continental African Canadian firms, projects, and organizations that seek operable and accessible work space.

The program will offer ongoing consulting services (including grant applications, entity registrations and leadership training) and mentorship and capacity support. The goal is to give organizations the ability to deliver their services full-time in full capacity.

African Canadian Funding House Initiative

Marginalized groups tend to face many barriers, especially when it comes to raising capital or applying for grants. Through the leadership training program and working collaboratively with Continental leaders, the RCHC will launch a campaign initiative to establish a Continental African Canadian Funding House - Program to farther accelerate identified Capacity Building programs, including:

Developing advanced programs and supports, strengthening one-on-one supports, shared training and workshops programs, and network-based peer learning programs.
Offering systems navigation and community focused resources and e-Capacity supports.
Expanding awareness and outreach programs, including media and resources, to all Canadians and globally. 
Establishing Continental African Canadian hubs, centers, and institutions that work to solve long-term issues.

We believe the biggest hurdle our community has yet to overcome is maintaining a work-home balance among the Continental youth. Offering the aspiring Continental youth the ability to serve their purpose in full capacity will not only encourage work-home balance, but will also provide time and space to focus on tackling larger issues through research and innovative approaches.


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Shaping Our Future


RCHC’s African Canadian Leadership Training provides stimulating programming and activities that build bridges to promote intercultural understanding, equal opportunity for individuals of all origin, promote citizenship, civic engagement and a healthy democracy.

The Centre’s e-Capacity Support Project will provide an _-week Leadership training in the areas of:

  • Individual Goals and Life Purpose Training
  • The Art of Community Organizing
  • Good Governance and Capacity Building training
  • Diversity and Inclusion for success.

Are you an African Canadian with an ideal or an issue in your community you like to champion, are you an aspiring leader seeking solve current and future challenges?